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New EXORCIST trilogy on the way with returning cast (NEWS)

News has surfaced that Universal have purchased the rights to THE EXORCIST with the plan to create a new trilogy. The deal has cost a reportedly staggering $400m and is running off the back of other franchise revivals such as HALLOWEEN and THE TERMINATOR.

The new films will see original star Ellen Burstyn reprise her Oscar-nominated role of Chris MacNeil alongside Hamilton’s Leslie Odom Jr as a father tracking her down when his daughter is possessed.

The first film will be released in cinemas in October 2023 with a potential for sequels to be direct to Universal's streaming service, Peacock. Initial rumours suggest David Gordon Green will be on directing duties for the first of the trilogy who is riding off the success of the life he has reinjected into the HALLOWEEN series.

Rather than reboot or a remake, the new films are described as “a compelling continuation” of the 1973 original which made over $440m at the box office and won an Oscar for best adapted screenplay. So the good news is that THE EXORCIST III still exists, the bad news, so is THE EXORCIST II.

At this point there has been no correspondence with the real star of the series, Linda Blair who has tweeted the below;

“To all my fans asking about my involvement in the new Exorcist reboot, as of now there has not been any discussions about me participating or reprising my role. I wish all those involved the best and I appreciate the loyalty and passion the fans have for The Exorcist and my character”

Does this mean that the fantastic TV series is also still cannon, which gave some closure to the Reagan character? I'm sure we will find out more as the film develops.

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