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New horror, HOLLOW, set for release February 15th from DR WHO writer Keith Temple (NEWS)

Multi-talented British actress Ayvianna Snow celebrates 2022 with a raft of new films, including 'Hollow', written by 'Dr Who' TV writer Keith Temple, and directed by Jonathan Zaurin.

Ayvianna Snow stars alongside Pat Garrett (Little Shop of Horrors), Ellie Jeffreys (Jack Falls), Pete Bird (The Snarling), Ben Manning (The Snarling) in the tale of a woman with early signs of Alzheimers who has nightmares that a living Punch puppet has moved in with her and her family. As her loss of reality and symptoms worsen, she uncovers something sinister is observing her every move and preparing a darkness that leads her into a frenzied and terrifying confrontation.

Hollow’ will be screening at Romford Film Festival on 26th February and Ayvianna will take part in an audience Q&A with the director.

Additional upcoming 2022 releases from Snow include 'L.O.L.A.', a sci-fi film about the relationship between two sisters, starring alongside Emma Appleton, the psychological horror ‘The Good Wife’, directed by Dean M. Drinkel and period drama 'The Final 45', featuring Snow as a French Resistance leader during the Second World War.

Following last year’s theatrical run ‘Barun Rai And The House on The Cliff’ starring Snow as Polly; a newly-wed bride who meets a tragic end, is coming to Amazon Prime 28th January. Howard Ford's The Lockdown Hauntings featuring Ayvianna is also available to stream; a unique film which caused a buzz with critics and fans alike in 2021.

Ayvianna Snow’s previous work includes the award-winning film* 'Black Lake' and the BIFA (British Independent Film Award) nominated 'White Colour Black'.

Outside of her acting roles, Ayvianna is a passionate campaigner, working with Equity to make it more accessible to indie filmmakers and supporting the ERA 50:50 campaign, which aims to have 50/50 gender representation of men and women both on screen and in behind-the-scenes roles.

Watch this space for more news…

* Black Lake won Best Cinematography award at the Women in Horror Film Festival

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