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New immersive London horror experience, BLOODBATH, is yours to attend... if you dare (NEWS)

ScreamWorks invites Londoners to ‘step inside their favourite horror movie’ at BLOODBATH – A hyper-realistic immersive horror experience which seeks to blur the lines between theatre and reality.


BLOODBATH is an immersive horror experience set inside the home of a real serial killer, Jack (no relation to Jack the Ripper).

To protect the location of Jack’s home, ticketholders are met in a public location, which changes daily, and are escorted into the event blindfolded.

Guests pass through TEN different experience rooms, discovering clues, interacting with characters and even enjoying a macabre ‘all-you-can-eat’ (or, ‘all-you-want-to-eat’) buffet.

Along the way guests meet and can interact with a number of characters, including Jack, his twin brother Abel, their mother, Grace and some of their victims.

Bloodbath gives true crime fans unique access to the inner psychology and life of a real serial killer. Participants will have the opportunity to piece together Jack’s story to truly understand the motivations behind his Great Work and to discover for themselves the circumstances which led a troubled young boy to become a brutal killer.

“People are fascinated by serial killers, as evidenced by the surging popularity of the true crime genre and the success of recent series such as Netflix’s ‘Dahmer’. As John Douglas (Mindhunter) once said, “True crime is a perfect representation of the human condition.” We love these mysteries because they become their own morality play, complete with heroes and villains and victims. Its so easy to vilify serial killers and to label them ‘monsters’, but the truth is often more nuanced, as our audience discovers..

Horror is not just about scaring people. Some of our customers find Bloodbath terrifying; one customer even locked herself in Jack’s bathroom at one point during her experience. Others find it hilarious and laugh the whole way through. Some customers love the storytelling and the detailed set and scenery. Others seem to find the experience sexually arousing. It really depends upon the individual and how they interact with the experience. All we guarantee is that our customers will have a lot of fun and will be talking about BLOODBATH for days afterwards.” Gary Stocker, CEO ScreamWorks


While horror has historically been a male-dominated genre, over 70% of the customers purchasing tickets to Bloodbath are female.

“Interestingly, since we released a YouTube video, in which several female customers stated that their favourite part of Bloodbath was ‘being tied up by Jack’ (BLOODBATH - The Immersive Horror Experience - Customer Reviews - YouTube) we have seen a noticeable surge in purchases being made by women, often buying a ticket to attend Bloodbath on their own. Our serial killer Jack is also receiving a lot of fan mail from female customers who attended Bloodbath, which shows that there is a whole psychology of people who are attracted to serial killers. It's probably the desire for something in their life that lets them feel like they are flirting with danger while not actually being at risk.” Claudio Cecconi, Director of Bloodbath


Guests witness scenes and exhibits of a macabre and sexual nature and have to clamber through some tight dark spaces, so this event is not for the faint-hearted. Guests are required to sign a pre-show waiver agreeing to provide consensual non-consent:

“By entering BLOODBATH you agree to provide your blanket consent to being verbally abused, touched, shocked, force fed, restrained, tied up or subjected to any of the other actions or behaviours which one might reasonably expect from a serial killer and his accomplices. However, so long as you follow Jack’s Rules, you will not be harmed. In addition, you can revoke your consensual non-consent at any time by using a safe work or safe action.”

Excerpt from Consent Waiver form which all guests are asked to sign

BLOODBATH is truly immersive in that guests are not merely witnesses to the events of the night but actually become part of Jack’s horrific story.

“Our event shares similarities with Punchdrunk’s, but our guests don’t just witness the story—they become part of it! The aim is to make our guests feel as though they have been transported inside their favourite horror movie.”

Practical Information



Instagram: @screamworksUK


Dates: Booking until 31 March 2023

Times: Ticketed entry in 15 min time slots – Wed - Sun

Meeting point: Public meeting place near Bethnal Green tube station. Customers receive an email from serial killer Jack on the day of their booking, with more detailed instructions.

Experience duration: Approximately 70 minutes.

Important Terms & Conditions

• Bloodbath is an ADULT ONLY (18+) event.

• Guests must turn off their phones for the duration of the event. Photos and videos are not permitted inside Jack’s house.

• BLOODBATH contains blood, nudity and scenes of brutality that guests will likely find distressing.

• Jack’s home is potentially unsuitable for those with limited mobility. Such customers should email in advance of booking.

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