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Dir. Adam Randall

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

NIGHT TEETH dropped on Netflix and is a genuinely entertaining stab at a vampire flick with bite. Lavish visuals and a great chemistry bring to life the night of LA as a war between humans and vampires is about to break loose after a hundred year truce us broken.

COLLATERAL meets THOROUGHBREDS with fangs. Jorge Lendeborg Jr carries the film as a naïve night driver for Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry as each stop leads ultimately to a conclusive end to the war but throughout the journey things meander out of plan. It's a little short of blood for a vampire film but carries it's mythos well alongside some cool cinematography. Neon lit nightclubs and crossbow wielding hunters share the best of Blade with John Wick as the trio set out to survive the night but all is not as it seems.

The true tragedy of vampire films is the lore and NIGHT TEETH carries it around it's neck. There's always something bittersweet with a vampire demise to daylight, the beauty of the sun ending life so violently and there's a scene in this that feels more heartfelt than it should but really reflects the captivity the cast have over the audience.

NIGHT TEETH isn't the most original vampire film and the themes it carries have been done better (alas UNDERWORLD) but it's a decent film that holds attention and through it's lead trio has enough heart to stand on its own.

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