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Dir. Damien Power

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

In the midst of a heavy snow storm, a group of unconnected persons are stuck together to survive until the storm blows over. Not long after arriving, Darby (Havana Rose Liu) discovers a young girl in the back of a van belonging to one of the company.

David Rysdahl (THE REVIVAL), Danny Ramirez (FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER), Dennis Haysbert (HEAT, 24) and Dale Dickey (TRUE BLOOD, HELL OR HIGH WATER) carry the rest of the group and there's no denying the calibre of acting talent here who are all committed to Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari's taut script.

Damien Power's thriller gives enough tension to induce early labour as the character are second guessed to their role in the harbouring of young Jay. Running just over the ninety minute mark it doesn't outstay its welcome and manages to meander through several key plot points with ease.

For the most part, everything about NO EXIT is convincing enough but by outing the culprits so early on really damages the tempo of the film. While the tension is there, the whodunnit element is lost very early on and even with a few twists and turns, the rest becomes inevitably obvious especially due to a little stereotyping of one of the stars.

As an independent thriller, it never fails to let go and there are some darker moments that put more at risk near the close but the films promise of a blend of THE THING and THE HATEFUL EIGHT are quickly lost. Havana Rose Liu really shines as the one at the centre of all the action and really holds her own with the likes of Haysbert and Dickey. NO EXIT won't leave you cold, but there is a bitterness as the storm passes.

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