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Dir. Steve Kostanski

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Every once in a while a film comes along that defies genre and logic. A film as bold as PG: PSYCHO GOREMAN shouldn't exist, or at worst, not be as good and yet, despite it's blend of extreme violence and childish montages, it works.

Ever wondered what would happen when HELLRAISER meets the POWER RANGERS? Well the answer is PSYCHO GOREMAN. After an evil overlord is risen by a young girl, his ambition to destroy the galaxy is thwarted by her ability to control his will. Think ALADDIN but the genie only wants to kill.

While there's plenty of child sitcom humour, dress up collages, games of dodgeball played for the survival of the planet and nods to the innocence of youth, the film is never too far away from a face melting, exploding kids and muscles being ripped apart. When the film ramps up the the gore it's 110% and that's the way, ah ah, we like it!

Despite it's very POWER RANGERS plotline and prosthetics, it all works for this style of film. The fact that the majority of the film is played out with real effects adds to the shock and horror that the film is willing to take innocence and spin it through a blender. There is no substitute for a film maker who is willing to use invention to make a new world and the world of PSYCHO GOREMAN is as enigmatic as it's cast. Each new beast feels ripped from Saturday morning programming, but with love, not to poke fun.

The tone doesn't always land and focusses probably a little more on the side of comedy than horror however, there is much to love about it and would make a perfect companion to TURBO KID. PG is a blast from start to finish, just leave your brain at home or it may begin to haunt you.

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