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Poster and teaser trailer revealed for THE CAREGIVER (NEWS)

THE CAREGIVER is the new horror-thriller film by Argentine writer, director and producer Ariel Luque. This is his first film produced in the United States after the sales success of his previous horror film THE RED BOOK RITUAL (New Zealand).

Running away from her abusive stepfather, Emma decided to go to the city. She takes a job as a caregiver to Mrs Belov, a senile old woman. Strange things start happening in the house and she begins to hear unusual sounds from the basement. What Emma doesn’t know is that the house hides a terrifying secret. Emma will do the impossible to get out of that house of hell.

THE CAREGIVER is a terrifying and tense story full of twists and turns that you won't see coming.

Once you enter that house, you won't be able to get out!

The film stars Clara Kovacic (THE 100 CANDLES GAME), Virginia Lombardo (HOSTAGE), Nikola Kent (HELLRAISER), Victoria Aristegui and Lis Fernández.


The film is starting its tour of festivals around the world.

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