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Dir. Daniel Stamm

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Wall climbing, foul mouthed, maggot producing, levitating, head turning, back breaking, birthing demons, the only thing missing is some pea soup and PREY FOR THE DEVIL would have an exorcism cliché full house.

Despite a solid band of performances from the cast and some reliable big budget camera work, there's nothing that hasn't been seen before and because of that it all becomes predictable and by the numbers. The predictable nature removes any real scares as they all become knowing.

Take away the scares and you're left with a melodrama of a woman in a man's world that is only marginally touched on, if that was the main USP of this film then it could have been handled with more weight, instead it feels like any other Catholic horror film such as THE LAST EXORCISM (ironically a far superior take also from Daniel Stamm), EXORCISMUS, THE LAST RITE, THE NUN, THE RITE, THE EXORCISM OF GOD and the Godfather of them all, THE EXORCIST.

PREY FOR THE DEVIL is by enlarge not a bad film and if you're new to the exorcism genre there could be a lot to get from this but the ridicule of cliché is too forthright to forgive and forget.

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