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Dir. Wes Craven

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Wes Craven delivers fear in the skies in one of the early 00s most underated thrillers.

Rachel McAdams befriends a passenger on board a flight to Miami only to realise it was more than a chance encounter with Cillian Murphy calculating an assassination attempt on a Government official.

Like SPEED in the air, Craven manages to blend action and tension in a cat and mouse fight between captor and victim on board a flight. Taking elements of what he does best, there are touches of SCREAM mixed with the menacing villainy he is famed for delivering, this is one of the directors most entertaining films.

It carries the charm of the best 90s action films with enough nail biting to keep Craven fans happy and with a 90 minute run time, is action packed from start to finish.

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