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Rob Zombie Appreciation Post (FEATURE)

Rob Zombie has earned his name as a director after, and now working alongside, his career as a heavy metal musician. Always inspired by the genre, it was only natural that Zombie would make his foray into films (his first band being named after the 1932 classic, WHITE ZOMBIE).

Now we get a chance to talk with five other genre names to get their favourite Zombie movies;

Sylvia Soska (Director)

LOVE ZOMBIE. My favourite film would have to be THE DEVIL'S REJECTS because he wasn't afraid to make unlikable, flawed killers. Like truly twisted fucked up people, it made me squirm while watching and then it ends with 'Free Bird' - the man is a master of marrying his imagery and music to make something iconic. Big fan.

​ ​C. Robert Cargill (Writer)​

THE DEVIL'S REJECTS by far. There's so much soul, so many fresh takes on the material. And that ending - hell man - it's so good. Though I love most Zombie through and through, that's the one he's got to top. (On ‘THE LORDS OF SALEM) I love it. Weird, quirky, not for everyone - but definitely made for me.

Tristan Risk (Burlesque star and actress)​

Of all the films that Mr Zombie has put out, I've one favourite that stands apart from the lot for me; THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO. Written by Zombie and cutting comedian Tom Papa who also voiced Beasto. For a fan of horror culture, cartoons, and crude humour it was my perfect movie. If ‘HWOES’ was a Saturday morning toon, I'd be faithfully parked in front of the television every week, lounging in vintage lingerie, with a bowl full of sugared cereal, and milk spiked with Baileys. Adult, yet still catering to my inner horror child. The writing, which I found clever, was also base enough that my inner adolescent boy was sniggering inside and made me want to share with my friends like an illicit Playboy. I got introduced to this movie while at a friend's house, and though I was told it was a Zombie movie, I didn't buy it until I heard Sherri Moon Zombie (his Muse eternal) trilling as Beasto's sister/sidekick Susie X. Then I was willing to believe that this might just be a Rob Zombie project, and as I saw all the horror geek references it made perfect sense, and a perfect movie. I still adore Rosario Dawson voicing foul-mouthed stripper Velvet Von Black still. Maybe that's because to this day, after one too many whiskies I wind up inadvertently channelling Ms Von Black. She takes over my body and voice and I find myself using my cleavage as a type of opposable-thumb option. But whether it's a rainy day, a hangover day, or a day when no one can decide to watch something funny, a horror or cartoons, this is the solution for all.

James Cullen Bressack (Director)

THE DEVIL'S REJECTS. It is just such a well made and entertaining film filled with awesome performances and so many brilliant set pieces. It shows zombie at his best.

Jessica Cameron (Actress and director)

For me its a very close call between HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES and THE DEVIL'S REJECTS. If I am forced to choose between the two I would have to say HOUSE OF 1,000 CORPSES because it impacted me more. The introduction to the beautifully twisted characters was breath taking and I loved the twists that Rob added to the crazy cannibal family tale which is too often over used. It solidified my love of horror and I remember watching it and realizing that I was far different then my friends who watched it with me, although they enjoyed it. I thrived on it and wanted more.

And the fans from around the world

Kris Box via Facebook - 'El Superbeasto'... What a good film, unique in its own way. The best animated comedy horror out there with cheeky references to Rob Zombies other films. Enjoyed it!

Gary McMahon via Facebook - My favourites are his Halloween films. Unjustly maligned.

Joe Salvaggio via Facebook - I'd say ‘H2’. I loved his first Halloween seen it 5x in the theaters alone and I absolutely hated ‘H2’ when I seen it opening night, long story short I gave it 3 more shots at the $1 show lol and it got more awesome by the minute each time!!! I've never ever had that happen with a movie! Now it's like my favorite Halloween besides the original/Rob's pt 1!

Ben Anderson @horrorholic76 - 'House of 1000 Corpses' as it’s his best one yet, his other films are OK but that's the let down with them they are just OK I always hope they are going to be so much more. Paul A Donaldson via Facebook - Loved ‘House of 1000 Corpses’ and ‘The Devils Rejects’, but have not seen his ‘Halloween’ films and really don't fancy them. Maybe one day I'll check them out, the originals can't be beaten in my eyes, but really like the look at ‘The Lords of Salem’. He should just stick to original material instead of messing with horror classics you can't improve on perfection.

Gabriel Campbell @gabs1974 – (It) still has to be ‘The Devils Rejects’ just for the realism of the brutality, violence & lack of disrespect for human life. Awesome

Luke Morris @murdermaniac7 – ‘The Devil's Rejects’, cause it was more sinister and messed up, the guy is a genius in film and music

Jade @xZombiexxx6 – ‘The Devils Rejects’! The close family bond between the 'bad guys'. A nice sneak peek into the workings of a 'psychotic' family.

Paul Simpson via Facebook – ‘The Devils Rejects’ *echo* like a very dark, brought to life comic book...where you are compelled to side with the bad guys! Great, great ending too and awesome playback potential

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