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Dir. David Steiman

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

The festive period has plenty of seasonal classics and for every IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, there's a DECK THE HALLS or CHRISTMAS WITH THE KRANKS. Much can be said for the horror genre but the same applies. For every KRAMPUS (2015) we have a BETTER WATCH OUT or SILENT NIGHT. Films that aren't as popular or revered as their more praised counterparts but decent nonetheless. SANTA'S SLAY forms firmly in that pit and should be seen by many more over the Christmas period as a digestive before the main course.

Wrestling legend Bill Goldberg plays Satan, after a pact made 1000 years ago, he is wagered to become a gift bearer for good and when those 1000 years are up, the grumpy man in red can return to his own ways. Fortunately, those days are up and now he's out to have a rollocking good time of his own, kicking ass and candy canes in search of this rival to seek revenge.

SANTA'S SLAY is full of Christmas spirit and has more heart than it takes credit for and as such never quite feels too removed from the seasonal classics. Goldberg enjoys chewing the scenery and the opening scene featuring James Cann and his family get a welcome visit from Santa is comedy gold. While this Santa is Satan himself, he is sure fun to be around and takes no prisoners in what is more of a brawler than a horror as anyone gets in his way ends up with fatal injuries that are more comical than terrifying.

With plenty of spirit and tongue in cheek, SANTA'S SLAY is a grizzly alternative to BAD SANTA and one that has enough attitude to stick around for amongst some of the other annual viewing parties.

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