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SCREAM veteran Matthew Lillard to produce vampire movie LET THEM DIE (NEWS)

Matthew Lillard, known for his roles in the 1996 classic, SCREAM, 13 GHOSTS and as the definitive Shaggy in two SCOOBY-DOO movies, alongside writer-director Bill Whirity have launched Midnite Movie Club, an NFT-based project that allows holders to participate in the first-ever “Decentralized Movie Studio.”

Feeling audiences want to have more control over the movies that are made and what they want to see, Lillard and Whirity are handballing the power back to the audience by letting them decide what films the company produces. Midnite Movie Club’s main focus is specifically on the genre space, i.e. horror, sci-fi, action/adventure, and fantasy. The first project from the newly established company is a high-concept vampire movie titled LET THEM DIE – which will go into production in summer 2022. More from Midnite Movie Club: Midnite Movie Club is set up as a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which is a fancy way of saying a community that makes decisions together. Thanks to blockchain technology, the voting will be fair and transparent. How it works is rather simple. Each NFT allows its current owner one vote (the more NFTs you own the more votes you can cast). The blockchain records each vote, ensuring only holders can vote and only cast their allotted votes. Once a vote is cast, it is recorded and immutable. Using this system, you will be able to both vote on which films get greenlit as well as on creative decisions the filmmakers offer up to the community throughout production. They already have one film ready to begin immediately. A few examples of things you will vote on are: deciding which actors we will make offers to first, picking costumes, props, or creature designs, choosing our movie poster design, and more!

In addition to choosing what movies the company will produce, the community will also be given exclusive access to special features like viewing audition tapes, set photos and videos, concept art and storyboard, and participating in Live AMAs and live tours from the sets.

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