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Dir. Elza Kephart

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

In recent years we've had KILLER SOFAs, LLAMAGEDDONs and SHARKNADOs and despite the success of the horror genre, is it truly out of original ideas? Apparently not, there's something the genre hasn't touched on yet, killer jeans. Yes, SLAXX is literally about a pair of jeans killing the employees of a high fashion brand.

And yet, the cigarette packet plot isn't even the most surprising element of SLAXX, the biggest surprise is just how bloody brilliant it is. There's genuinely so much to discuss about a killer pair of denim that should be laughing at it, not with it and yet crafted in these tight fitting jeans is a gem for horror fans who want a gory midnight snack that may just kill the waistline.

When a major fashion line introducing a figure hugging pair of jeans it's this seasons killer look but the staff housing the jeans suddenly find themselves at the mercy of their stock. SLAXX doesn't mess about and what opens up as a rival to any of The Asylum so-bad-it's-good premises, with practical effects and a genuinely funny sense of humour, it perfectly blends humour, horror and a sincere moment of thought in a film that is simply too bonkers not to be seen.

The Canadian film doesn't hold back on the gore and it's genuinely a feat at how many ways a pair of jeans can kill someone. There's decapitation, dismemberment, trouble with zips and a lot of claret that somehow ropes you in and by the end you're staring at the screen screaming for more. In a genre filled with zombies, ghosts and demons, SLAXX is a perfect fit.

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