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Dir. Kristian Hanson

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

SLEDGE has been on our radar for some time and from our interview with director and creator Kristian Hanson back in October 2012, a film we’ve been excited to see ever since. With the promise of a new slasher icon that would be “fun and different” we waited for the day that Adam Lynch would see the world.

When a group of teens head out to the woods for a camping trip, they end up having a lot more fun than they anticipated. Entering the home of Adam Lynch (Kristian Hanson), nothing can prepare them for what will happen, even with their extensive knowledge of horror films.

Alex (Dustin Bowman), Sarah (Stephanie Tupper), Nash (Russ Matoes), Shawn (Travis Hanson) and Michelle (Desiree Holmes) set about their weekend of booze, sex and laughs but this group of friends have more than a complex relationship. Alex wants to be with Sarah who is dating Nash and Shawn who lies as the dim-witted partner to Michelle. So far, so horror movie and one thing is for sure, SLEDGE is the true American Horror. With a twist.

The neighbourhood slasher in these parts is the wise cracking mentally deranged psychopath, Adam Lynch. The plotline may have shadowed ever great horror film since THE EVIL DEAD but SLEDGE comes with a difference. Adam Lynch doesn’t bite his tongue and lost between his own sanity and his belief he is stuck in a film or video game adds a load more humour to a genre that has become a carbon copy.

Adam Lynch is the new American horror icon. His twisted humour and halfway between psychotic and retarded makes this killer the lovable rogue. The acting credibility's may be questionable at times but the B-Movie status of SLEDGE only adds to the charm. Cut between a second story and building on another dimension when the film within a film cross over from Lynch’s fictional mentality and the reality of the viewer. Sometimes this doesn’t work too well and loses the flow halfway through with a faux trailer which, while at least an interesting concept, seems abstract from the film.

When the only gripe with a directoral debut is a few editing niggles then Kristian Hanson is on to a winner. SLEDGE is the beginning of something special and with the promise of more wise cracking killing and a collection to build upon, Adam Lynch is a welcome addition to the horror hall of fame.

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