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Dir. Brandon Christensen

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Two travel vloggers, Claire (Sara Canning) and Teddy (Osric Chau), finally get access to a house they've been preying for time and in doing so stumble amongst a host who will do anything to catch a good review. The pair settle in and learn that their new host Rebecca (Cracie Gillam), will help get them viewers but it's more than likes they will be getting after their stay.

The film opens up with a youtube(esque) clip of their vlog and in doing so sets up their obnoxious personas that despite being only a façade really hamper any emotion devotion the audience can give them. It's a shame as when not in character they come across as sympathetic but having played through many minutes of false smiles and bravaso, the pair simply come across as annoying. Everything about SUPERHOST feels OTT so when things do turn south, there's never much to fear but likewise there's not a lot to cheer either.

Gracie Gillam is clearly having a lot of fun as the psychotic house guest but by the time we get to the knife edge of her motives, it's a little too late and could have been shunted further forward or at least given away hints sooner for where the film is going. The film is littered with red herrings and the film's true nature only surfaces after the hour mark which is a shame as when it does go crazy, Gillam brings the full force of acting to the brim.

There's a nice cameo from Barbara Crampton who is literally in everything lately (not a bad thing) but this is Gillam's film and is only shamed by how little she has to do by the time she erupts. But like the annoying vlogger videos it successfully emulates, SUPERHOST is a hollow shell that adds very little except a decent distraction.

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