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Surreal masterwork THEO AND THE METAMORPHOSIS is released in the UK 24th June 2022 (NEWS)

Sovereign is proud to announce the release of Damien Odoul’s cinematic odyssey THEO AND THE METAMORPHOSIS on the 24th June in UK cinemas.

Winner of the Grand Prix at the New Horizons Film Festival in Poland, French writer/director Damien Odoul’s film features an amazing performance from Théo Kermel, as a man with Down’s syndrome, left to fend for himself in the forest after his father goes away. Odoul shows us the world from Théo’s perspective, in dreamlike surreal compositions. Constantly accompanied by his inner voice, Théo’s thoughts and emotions are brought to life in a dynamic, ever-changing visual language. His desires unfold in a flood of impressions and experiences, and the days alone in the forest become a journey of self-discovery and self-determination.

Sometimes hallucinatory, often shocking, explicit and deeply erotic, punctuated with bursts of frenetic music and line animations, THEO AND THE METAMORPHOSIS is a unique, provocative and powerful meditation on our connection to nature, to other people, and identity.

Multidisciplinary artist, filmmaker, poet and photographer, Damien Odoul made his film debut when only 23 years old with Morasseix (1992), in which he also starred. He has directed films such as Le souffle (2001), which won the Special Jury Award at the Venice Film Festival, En attendant le déluge (2004), L'histoire de Richard O (2007), La richesse du loup (2012) and La peur (2015), for which he won the Jean Vigo Award.

Synopsis: In a remote house in the forest, Théo, a young man with Down’s syndrome, lives in seclusion with his father who is a photographer. The two get along in their daily lives without much talk. Théo loves nature and has a passion for drawing. Every day he spends time training his body, his balance, his reflexes and his inner strength, and dreams of becoming a samurai. When his father goes away to an exhibition, Théo decides to start a new life and his extraordinary journey begins.



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