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Dir. Sean Patrick Cannon

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

THE 3RD GUEST highlights the balance between storytelling and budget that asks the question once more, just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Harsh criticism but one that really shows a damaged end product that fails to ignite even the smallest flame it tries to light.

There are a number of themes that pry to be opened and are food for thought to any movie goer. A couple surviving after their daughter died, a career in searching for her in the spiritual world, a ghost hunt that finally unites them. It's all very linear and simple premise that allows for plenty of scares and emotional attachment, both of which are absent in a film that introduces a complicated web of lies and dreams that create more holes than hopes. The films fluctuation from happy go lucky soap opera to voyeurism to serial detective piece creates a mess out of something that could have been a simple yet effective tale of a relationship after the death if their child and the supernatural world around them. Instead there's an attempt to bring something new with more attempts to stick an ending than Tom Cruise in EDGE OF TOMORROW.

With every film there has to be some saving grace but for THE 3RD GUEST, there's 3 too many.

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