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Dir. Abel Ferrara

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Abel Ferrara's dive into vampirism is one of the genres best. Shot in black and white with a star performance from Lili Taylor, the film goes on a blood field spiral and takes us on a journey of highs and the lowest lows

Much like its title suggests, THE ADDICTION is as much a metaphor for drug abuse and addiction as it is for the on screen bloodbath and sheer hell it takes in its practical form.

A philosophy student in NYC is attacked by a woman in the midst of the night, taking a bite out of her neck, Kathleen learns she is in need of blood and starts seeking the streets lowest denominators and works her way up the food chain trying to get better taste. As she learns to live with the urge, she comes across others like her. The more control she gets, the more dangerously unforgiving are the consequences, especially after a violently shot assault on a group of persons before Kathleen learns of her ultimate being, that of evil.

All this against a pulsing 90s hip-hop soundtrack and some of the most vivid and realistic scenes of vampirism shot on film. While the film feels of it's time, it's message is free of the construct and lives in like a bloodsucker after death.

Taylor is perfectly cast and gives a turbulent portrayal of a woman battling the addiction of blood. At times confident, others trepid, the reflection of the real world impacts of addiction traverse beyond horror on film and delve into the psyche of what it feels like to be addicted.

As a vampire film, this is brutal, and raw. As a more philosophical piece on life, addiction and purpose, it's so much more from the director who gave us THE DRILLER KILLER and Ms. 45. In a world of male dominated protagonists, be a Kathleen.

"I am the resurrection"

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