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Dir. McG

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

THE BABYSITTER hit audiences with a thick punch to the gut, both refreshingly fun and violent, it was a perfect blend of HOME ALONE and SCARY MOVIE that really did leave a lasting impact. 3 years later, a sequel is here and while it may be what we wanted, it's a stern reminder of be careful what you wish for.

The original smash was self confined with the cast reduced to nothing by the end so when a new band of kids resurrect the same cast, it's more of the same and nothing new, or worthy.

Cole is 2 years older but the maturity difference between films is noticeable and as a result, the innocent charm of the original is lost. The new characters are never given enough airtime to develop and the return of the original cast is sheer repetition and the same gags used the first time round, with one of the biggest impacts tot the film is a sheer cameo appearance from Samara Weaving losing the chemistry that made the first film work so well.

There's some decent deaths here and you know what you are getting but it just feels unnecessary when it cannot meet the same tone and hit the right notes that the first one did and as a result is a pale comparison and not even a worthy companion piece to the first film. Avoid this and re-watch the original.

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