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Dir. The Snygg Brothers

Reviewer. Dan Cook

Watershit Down. An absolute trash-fire of dreadful acting, hilariously awful effects, gratuitous nudity and writing that makes E.L James sound comparatively Shakespearean, THE BEASTER BUNNY is grade Z garbage from start to finish - so of course I loved it. A super cheap sendup of giant monster movies, this slice of sleazy seasonal schlock sees a small American town being terrorised by a rancid looking puppet posing as a man-eating 50 foot rabbit.

Having already worked on such stellar cinematic achievements as the mighty ‘BAT BABE: THE DARK NIGHTIE (2009) and the immortal multi-Oscar winner* KINKY KONG (2006), directing duo The Snygg Brothers were the ideal helmsmen for this hop-ocalyptic tale of terror and they certainly deliver the crummy goods with shameless glee. Honestly, I have seen better filmmaking technique and craftsmanship in a YouPorn video. Not to mention a dumbfoundingly amateur utilisation of greenscreen, sound editing so incompetent that it temporarily tricks your brain into thinking that you’ve gone partially deaf and gore effects that look like they were achieved on a primitive version of Windows Movie Maker.

Unfortunately, while the film is certainly enjoyable for the most part, some of the dialogue and performances are a bit too self-conscious of it’s knowing sleaziness, turning THE BEASTER BUNNY from a joyfully oblivious train-wreck into a self-aware and rather unfunny farce. It’s one thing when a so-bad-it’s-good film such as BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR, THE ROOM [2003] and TROLL 2 valiantly tries and spectacularly fails in its efforts to make a worthy product. But it’s quite another when a movie not only relishes its dreadful content but purposefully draws attention to it - it just spoils the fun. Plus, at nearly 90 minutes, its paper-thin premise runs out of steam long before the poorly imposed monster (which looks nothing like the killer bunny of the poster) bites the bullet.

THE BEASTER BUNNY is total rabbit pellets and any one with a shred of self-respect will avoid it in the same way you’d avoid stepping barefoot in dog crap. However, for those who enjoy the cult trash regularly churned out by Roger Corman and especially Lloyd Kaufman and Troma Pictures, it may just end up featuring alongside chocolate eggs and the subsequent stomach ache as your next Easter tradition.

*it may not have won any Oscars.

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