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Dir. Elliot Goldner

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Vatican exorcists Gray (Robin Hill), Deacon (Gordon Kennedy) and Mark (Adrian McArdle) travel to the British countryside to disprove the paranormal events appearing at a church. Meeting with Father Crellick (Luke Neal) they set up enough cameras to give Big Brother a run for its money and get to work.

Not long after settling into their residence, the atheist Gray soon realises that there is more out there and the disapproving investigators find a reason to believe something more sinister is hiding beneath the church.

The found footage genre may be crawling through the genre like an unwanted presence but works surprisingly well for bringing the scares. The claustrophobic extends further than the characters and the final scenes, while they may be dragged out a little, certainly keeps you on the edge of your seat.

It is THE BORDERLANDS final reveal however, that lets it down. Building up to be a chilling BLAIR WITCH/KILL LIST finale leaves you wanting a little more than the surprisingly original yet flat ending digests.

There’s an unsteady ease to the film that slowly builds towards the tension and even when nothing is happening on screen there is the fear of what is next. Goldner knows how to bring tension and the use of limited camera angles works in its advantage of not knowing what is happening, I’m sure with a bigger budget THE BORDERLANDS could have been so much more. Less is often more but unfortunately this just leaves you wanting much more.

It will definitely keep you hiding behind the sofa and creep under your skin. With all of this terror, the humour bought with Gray’s Sinicism matched with the straight laced secretive history of Deacons past creates keep the pace moving between scares and certainly makes it a great addition for any horror fan, just expect to be a little disappointed by its climax, while original, it somewhat fizzles out instead of the big bang it deserves.

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