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previously titled BLOODLINE

Dir. Matt Thompson

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

A group of friends discover a map in the attic and search for what it hides in the woods. The foolish group soon realise that a legend that has lay buried for decades is alive and well and seeks vengeance on the bloodline that killed a tribe of Indians.

Since 2012’s THE CABIN IN THE WOODS it’s hard to take the formulaic slasher seriously however, THE CABIN manages to hold its own as the blood count rises and the nature of the cabin comes to light. Despite it’s seen-it-all-before format, Matt Thompson manages to keep your attention focused on a story that carries the film through it’s quieter moments, not an easy feat for a guy who not only has full directorial control but also the lead star.

Tackling themes of religion along with historical legends is a challenge in its own blending to sub-genres of horror that could have so easily gone wrong yet THE CABIN manages to stay focused on it’s story while not shying away from some very gory scenes.

Hidden behind its slasher roots lies a much deeper film that holds heart. Whether its possession, the challenge of religious conflict or the shocking climax that will have you on the edge of your seat, all culminating in what is one of the surprise hits of the year.

Electrical interferences, an atmospheric score courtesy of Justin Durban and dramatic scenes from an amateur cast put this as a strong contender for slasher of the year. Not only working supremely well as the decline of five teens but grabbing you from start to end in one of tightest scripts I’ve seen from a low budget thriller and stands tall on its own credits despite similarities with others.

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