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Dir. Marcus Dunstan

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

‘The Collector’ was a welcome addition to the post ‘Saw’ torture genre that bought with it a wafer thin plot and some rather ingenious way to kill people. Of all the films of the genre, ‘The Collector’ was one that was long forgotten, along with ‘The Tortured’ and ‘Captivity’.  So boy were we surprised that not only had ‘The Collector’ been granted to add to his collection, that the film would be a high budget, bigger, better and badder film than the first. Continuing mere days after the first, ‘The Collection’ opens up with a bloodfest that makes the Hiroshima bomb look like a slap in the face. If you think an opening to a ‘Final Destination’ film were full of death, this is the home of Grimm himself. Elana (Emma Fitzpatrick) heads off to a secret party in the back end of the city with her friends, only to end up surviving a hefty bloodbath and unleashing Arkin (Josh Stewart reprising his role) from the box he was captured in. Upon Arkins escape, he is acquainted with Elana’s keeper, Lucello (Lee Tergesen), who drafts him back to rescue her. Safe to say, there are traps aplenty in the Collectors own Museum of madness that makes Ed Gein look like a stamp collector. ​

For those who want a nice cup of tea and biscuits with your Sunday dinner best avoid this, it is blood thirsty and macabre. There is a reason why he is called the Collector and his collection is a vast movement of corpses, traps and experiments that are both shocking and disturbing. ​ The pace is non-stop and no sooner is one person picked off, the next is ready and waiting with not a chance to even think any further than how is the next person going to be greeted. And just like the original, the violence and setting is set to perfection but the plot is too thin. Every time you find you are going to discover out who, or even why, the collector is around with clues peeking through the surface, another person dies. ​ Evidently leading to a threequel, something that has not been greenlit but should be called ‘The Collected’, we hope we get an insight into the Collector as this is not Michael Myers or Chromeskull, this is a man who has passion for his hobby and why? Something we have yet to know. ​ ‘The Collection’ bucks the trend in being twice as good as it’s predecessor and this is one film for fans of OTT blood and guts that makes us want more, more of the same and more of the depth that could wrap up this saga with being one not to forget.

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