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Dir. Jeff Renfroe

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Colony 5, led by Briggs (Laurence Fishbourne), receive a distress call from Colony 7 Briggs, Sam (Kevin Zegers) and Graydon (Atticus Mitchell) leave to investigate what has happened. Travelling through a new ice age where life remains underground, the arctic conditions have forced everyone underground for survival. It’s not until the trio find the inhabitants of Colony 7 that they realise the true extent of survival as the 50 colonists have turned to cannibalism in a scene that resembles more ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ than ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.

Unfortunately, the discovery only causes more disaster as the survivors follow them back to Colony 5 where the barbaric takeover by Mason (Bill Paxton) questions their rate of survival against themselves, let alone a band of blood thirsty cannibals.

Despite being set in an open snow filled void, ‘The Colony’ as a dark sense of claustrophobia that is ever present throughout. Even against a horde of cannibals, the snow drifts create even further threat to the survivors with an urgency to get back indoors against both beast and weather. Zegers and Fishbourne have a great chemistry that carries the weak sense of story from survival disaster movie to full blown horror with believable performances throughout but it is Paxton’s dark portrayal of power hungry Mason that really holds a great character.

There may be plenty of trekking that may have you checking that this isn't a Peter Jackson movie but what ensures in the 95 minute running time is a blood shed of hungry cannibals and action packed thrills.

For those who want a warm night in front of an arctic blast, ‘The Colony’ ticks all the boxes. Blood, guts and plenty of icy performances make this a must have for any horror fan that likes their movies mashed between the claustrophobic nerves of ‘The Divide’ and thrills of ’30 Days of Night’.

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