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Dir. Jason Figgis

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

THE GHOST OF WINIFRED MEEKS is a quant horror film more in line with the tales of M.R. James and Susan Hill. Anna James (Lara Belmont) takes a retreat to write her latest novel, but like all good horror stories, a writer away from home leads to some supernatural disturbances. Not long after she takes residence, James is haunted by a sorrowed entity that she must help or become a footnote in the hauntings of tragedy within Winifred Meeks.

This is Jason Figgis' biggest release to data and his presence has always been on the radar here at BloodGuts UK Horror. His early films, CHILDREN OF A DARKER DAWN and THE ECSTASY OF ISABEL MANN are fantastic small budget horrors that really showcase a writer with a gift. A decade later and dozens of films to his resume, Figgis brings together his love for real ghost stories and horror in a way few directors can.

Eerily blending sound and using techniques to give a distorted illusion to James' unfolding investigation. There's very little to show and that is the biggest asset to this film as such it's a slow, unnerving breakdown of events as well as its subject. The film can suffer with some of the traits of low budget cinema with sound and lighting not quite gelling but never detracts from the haunting balance of character and haunting. Belmont does well to perceive the impending darkness and a key eye for film-making show why Figgis retains one to watch and evidentially a director who's name is getting noticed as THE GHOST OF WINIFRED MEEKS has a distribution deal which will hopefully open the world to his works.

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