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Dir. Alejandro Hidalgo

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Time travel is a theory that will baffle brains forever, even Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR tried to tackle the madness with failure, and here we are with another time hopping thriller that has its feet firmly planted in the horror genre.

A mother of two wakes up to the death of her husband and the disappearance of her eldest son. Returning home thirty years later she sets out to uncover the truth behind what happened and to discover what really happened to her son, something which may defy how she sees the world and the house she lives in.

Beautifully intertwining two stories of the past and present, THE HOUSE AT THE END OF TIME is nothing short of breath-taking. A menacing darkness and urge to understand how the events all link in make for an entertaining watch and despite a not so perfect make-up job, Ruddy Rodriguez does a terrific part in playing the desperate mother who battles not only a brutal marriage but also the loss of her son.

As the plot unfolds, the ghostly events that occur in the pasts timeline, which are genuinely chilling, become increasingly bolder as the truth behind the events become more apparent leading to the closure for Dulce on what happened on that fateful night.

Yet, despite a gleeful closure that satisfies the mystery, the loop of events only baffle anyone familiar behind the science of time travel. Should the events that happened thirty years previous have happened, no amount of time travel would have caused those events as the future persons would not be present and should the future self go back in time, the past events would not have occurred to lead to the decisioning. It’s difficult to explain without the need for spoilers and in turn becomes a cosmetic issue that merely blurs an otherwise heart-breaking terror that comes from the veins of Del Toro via visionary director Alejandro Hidalgo who claims credit for the first Venezuelan supernatural thriller and places him and Venezuela firmly on the map to watch.

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