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Dir. William Bagley

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Not another horror podcast would be a better title as the world is now swamped with thousands of podcasts on the genre both fictional and real, and now we're seeing the audio based entertainment flow into a sub genre of film itself. The likes of DEADSTREAM, DASHCAM, SUPERHOST are just a few from the last 12 months and now William Bagley gives us THE MURDER PODCAST.

When two amateur podcasters start investigating a murder in their hometown they get wrapped up in a terrifying adventure full of supernatural threats.

It's predictable, seen-it-all-before schlock but thanks to a couple of unlikable leads who grow on their journey, it actually becomes quite an entertaining exploit of the new wave of found footage.

Like the best in the genre, THE MURDER PODCAST blends comedy and horror enough to land in both areas if not excel in either. There's rarely a moment of real tension but the drive is there to give us some degree of supernatural happenings and while it's mostly forgettable, it's a rounded escape for 90 minutes.

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