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Dir. Andrew Jones

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

THE REVENGE OF ROBERT sounds like a neighbourly dispute about loud music in which Robert finally switches off power to the street and then sells his Tory to the papers. That would honestly be a much better film than what we have here.

From the outset we see the moving doll take a leaf out of Chucky's book in that a real doll is animated enough to be a real killer, a promising start in a world of CGI and ANNABELLE where it's not actually about the doll itself. Unfortunately, these little glimpses become strategic trailer fodder when the true intentions of the film become a Nazi treasure hunt and chase to retain a magical book that brings these dolls to life.

Without any degree of realism promised by the films tagline and with some sub par performances from a cast who like to think they can deliver German accents to the English language, THE REVENGE OF ROBERT is just another in a line of low budget horrors that hides it's budget in a trailer and a DVD cover leaving a further 75 minutes of unbearable tripe. Yes, for a film at just 80 minutes long, it feels the length of a war epic.

More NATIONAL TREASURE than CHILD'S PLAY and whilst the film is modestly acted and the plot itself more emotionally driven than it has any right to be, the film just lacks in any substantial genre action and as such it's very difficult to recommend to anyone other than as a low budget World War II drama that misses any wartime tension or puppet horror that any prospective audiences would want.

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