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Dir. Denis Héroux

Reviewer. Dan Cook

There’s a rather twee sentiment preferred by animal lovers that we’re owned by our pets but in THE UNCANNY, this turns out to be true as Peter Cushing heads an all-star cast in this quirky and highly enjoyable anthology horror which proves that cats are conspiring to replace us as the dominant species. THE UNCANNY is an anthology of 4 films concerning feline revenge.

Although it is similar to the horror anthologies released by Amicus Productions and could be mistaken as one, it was actually distributed by The Rank Organisation. However, the co-producer was Milton Subotsky of Amicus. As is typical of Amicus productions, the sets and production design are first rate and thanks to some solid work from the likes of Ray Milland, Samantha Eggar and particularly an enjoyably hammy Donald Pleasance, this little slice of X-rated Canadian cult horror is a delightfully daft way to spend an hour and a half.

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