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Dir. Michael Biehn

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Michael Biehn has been part of the Hollywood A-List since his breakthrough as Kyle Connors in THE TERMINATOR. Since then he has starred in ALIENS, THE ABYSS and one of our personal favourites, PLANET TERROR. It was working on that grindhouse classic that Rodriquez influenced Biehn to do his own film, to which Michael kept his word.

Referring to the sexploitation cinema of the 70’s and 80’s like a toned down I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE it grabs you by the balls and doesn’t let go from the opening credits. When two street hardened women mix up with two cops and head for some fun in the woods, it all goes wrong. It’s then that Annie (Jennifer Blanc-Biehn) escapes and running away from Detectives Harrison (Ryan Honey) and Cooger (Denny Kirkwood) she comes across a cabin in the woods where loner Kyle Limato (Michael Biehn) resides.

From the onset of Biehn's character, the unsettled rough looking anti-hero looks like the kind of person you wouldn’t ask for help and when trouble comes knocking on his door, he doesn’t take too kindly.

Playing on the mixed emotions of each and every character THE VICTIM shows that Michael Biehn is not just a pretty face with the writing of the story and plot, the chemistry between him and co-star (and producer) Jennifer is believable to an extent that you’re not quite sure if you’re watching a really dark home movie. Danielle Harris also co-stars playing Annie’s friend Mary and without giving it away too much, and to anyone who’s seen any of Danielle’s work will no, she doesn’t have it easy.

What THE VICTIM may lack in originality, it makes up in a fresh experience that could have been so standard but instead has left us wanting to watch it again and again. Brilliant performances from all involved that may not be Oscar worthy but certainly get the audience engrossed in the cat-and-mouse play that leaves you begging for more.

Sometimes the worst evil is the one kept hidden.

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