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previously tiled THE FREE FALL

Dir. Adam Stilwell

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Not to be confused with the Ryan Reynolds film of the same name, there is no humour to he found here. Instead there's a taut thriller that opens like a gothic ghost story and ends with something fans of Linda Blair would be more familiar with. In between there are pigs heads, cannibalism and murder.

Yep, THE VOICES is a hodge-podge of themes that are woven together in a less than clean fashion, fortunately the film is carried by a traumatic central performance from Andrea Londo who delivers a whirlwind of depressive emotion as she awakes from a suicide attempt with no memory of her life. Her husband (Shawn Ashmore) is there to protect her but it's evident early on that all is not normal.

The issue here is that the film isn't bad and thanks to Joseph Bishara's score it elevates it above most straight to streaming films and many of its themes are intriguing even if not fully executed.

With some creepy build up and the unknowing of what is happening, THE VOICES could have been a lot worse, but it could also have been a lot better.

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