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Dir. S.K. Dale

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Megan Fox may be hitting the headlines more for her love life and relationship with Machine Gun Kelly of late but it's hard to remember she is an actress who has taken a relatively low profile sabatical after since 2014's TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. TILL DEATH sees another small indie film to her resume but one that packs more punch than the last seven years have.

As the title suggests this is about a marriage, one where the wife wakes up to find her handcuffed to her dead husband.

The plot is full of conveniences and flaws but surprisingly this is a suspenseful and unpredictable movie with a believable performance from Fox. Blending the best of home invasion thrillers and a well crafted plot device taken straight from a Liam Neeson movie, there's plenty to like about TILL DEATH. Bloodshed (a literal shed) will have you wince in discomfort.

Fox pulls together a fine performance as a wife pulling together the clues to why this has all happened but in doing so is lucky enough to have all the answers in front of her to fortunately have a fighting chance of survival. Add into that a grey mark against her own character which doesn't make her character too agreeable make this a far lesser experience than it could have been but luckily there's enough glue and intrigue to keep you wanting more as the plot meanders to its predictable conclusion.

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