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Dir. Kevin Kopacka

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Austrian film maker Kevin Kopacka's follow up to HADES goes deeper into the abyss of a creative genius. Marrying Dario Argento with David Lynch, TLMEA is a visual and audio feast that will drag you through Hell and back but rest assured, the cinema of Kopacka will make it feel like Heaven.

For those who haven't viewed HADES (and why not!), this sees the focus tilt from the glamorous M(Anna Heidegger) to her partner Schweitzer (Cris Kotzen) who is revealed to be an officer of the law on a drugs raid. Accompanied by his partner Nordmann (H.K. DeWitt) the pair delve into the hellish nightmare bought on by their enjoyment of the treats on offer, slowly falling through the 9 circles of Hell (Ptolomea).

Just the madness you would expect from Kopacka, and as with HADES, TLMEA is glorious to watch but rest assured, it is all the creepy for it. This 30 minute film flits back and forth through time to explore the 9 circles to a shocking conclusion and despite the films kaleidescope visuals, each scene encapsulates the spirit of the relevant circle to devastating results.

Kotzen pulls off the role of the entranced "victim" on his descent through the rabbit hole and everything about the film as nothing short of magnificent. The cast pull off a drawing attraction despite a faded dialogue amidst the powerful electronic soundtrack, their motions may be minimal but as the outside world delves further into darkness, their grip of reality falls with it.

From the outset, the twisted dialogue burrows under the skin and through the films soundtrack slowly weeps through the cracks to deliver an unnerving, unsettling and unremarkable film that is hypnotic and powerful.

This is part two from a planned trilogy and based on the first installments can only wait with eager eyes for the final chapter, in the meantime we will be sat in the hypnotic stance left behind by our journey through Hell.

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