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UK Premieres of DEATH GAME and HOLLYWOOD 90028 announced this March (NEWS)

We're pleased to announce an upcoming event showcasing film premieres of DEATH GAME and HOLLYWOOD 90028 with Picturehouse's Cinema City in Norwich, and partner Grindhouse Releasing in the USA on March 21st.

It's a double-bill featuring the UK premieres of 4k restorations of two cult horror/thriller movies from the 1970's - DEATH GAME (unseen in UK cinemas for 44 years), and HOLLYWOOD 90028 (a rediscovered gem where this will actually be it's UK cinema premiere).

The event is growing daily and it currently has a recorded intro from filmmaker Eli Roth (KNOCK KNOCK, HOSTEL, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS) for DEATH GAME, and securing another high profile introduction for HOLLYWOOD 90028) as well as other content (classic trailers, etc).

The evening will feature designer cocktails inspired by the films, attendees encouraged to arrive in costumes also inspired by the films - and a poster design contest in advance for the event itself. Along with the intro's by filmmakers, we will also have a curated selection of rare trailers.

Grindhouse Releasing was founded by Academy Award winning editor Bob Murawski and Sage Stallone, from their website: "The company recently presented the theatrical releases of the long lost psychedelic odyssey “AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL”, Duke Mitchell’s previously unfinished 1976 crime sage “GONE WITH THE POPE”, Bill Lustig’s notorious film “MANIAC”, and the theatrical re-release and negative restoration of Sam Raimi’s “EVIL DEAD”, all presented in glorious 35mm in theaters throughout the U.S. and Canada."

Far Out Situations organises and books film events in the UK and throughout Europe. We had our first event in Berlin last September and this will be our first event here in the UK.

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