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Underground horror film, BUNKER 717, gets terrifying trailer and UK/Irish release! (NEWS)

UK distributor, Lightbulb Films is proud to present one of the highlights of this year’s FrightFest, Bunker 717 (Deep Fear)!

The film see’s three students adventure in the Paris Catacombs in the 80’s, but something is lurking in the dark tunnels, waiting to strike! Will they survive the underground nightmare?!

Bunker 717 is produced by Black Swan Tales, directed by Grégory Beghin, written by Nicolas Tackian and stars Blaise Afonso, Olivier Bony, Léone François-Janssens and Sofia Lesaffre.

BUNKER 717 is now available on Digital; Apple TV, Sky Store, Virgin Media, Amazon UK, Google Play and on DVD at ASDA, Morrisons and Amazon UK.


Paris, the Eighties. Three students decide to celebrate their graduation with a visit of the Paris catacombs. When they discover the legendary 717 Bunker. Little do they know it's not the only thing Nazi soldiers have left behind them.

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