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Wandering Kane Productions are pleased to announce the release of multi award winning ORCUS (NEWS)

ORCUS has been released today on amazon in the UK to rent or buy via MY Spotlight Independent Video on Demand which is a division of MY Production Limited. ORCUS will also be released on Amazon in other territories, Google play and iTunes soon.

Synopsis: A faithless priest, Father Frank Halloran, is about to lose his church due to a lack of funding and he does not want to lose his church or his congregation. Father Halloran puts together a crew of desperate people (Dean, Eddie and Ryan) to rob the local diocese. With the money Father Halloran can keep his church while Dean, Eddie and Ryan can have new lives. However, during the robbery, they kidnap Angela who holds a dark secret, and they soon realise evil comes in many forms.

Wandering Kane Productions are a North East of England based Film Company owned by Peter Kane and Jimmy Hagri. Their 1st film, THE GAMEKEEPER, is now available for free via their YouTube channel. The film tells the story of a UK Soldier, played by Jimmy Hagri, returning home after serving in Afghanistan who finds work as a gamekeeper on the estate of an eccentric landowner. Unknown to the local community, The Gamekeeper has a terrible secret which will change their lives forever.

The film won two awards, The Audience Award at the London Digital Festival and Best Feature at the Madhouse Film Festival, the latter of which was considered from 2,014 total entries and 85 specifically in the Best Feature category. Wandering Kane Productions are breaking the mould of film and television by showcasing local locations and talent on a micro budget. The Gamekeeper and Orcus have succeeded on this brief while Peter Kane and Jimmy Hagri continue to push the boundaries of the UK film industry.

Wandering Kane Productions is the brainchild of Peter Kane and Jimmy Hagri. Their combined enthusiasm for cinema as a whole and passion for local projects has propelled The Gamekeeper and ORCUS to an international film loving audience.


Jimmy Hagri as Father Frank Halloran

Rod Glenn as Dean

Michael Wilson-Dukes as Ryan

Peter Kerry-Forbes as Eddie

Jessica Horne as Angela

Dennis Baer as DI McPherson

Callum Lawther as DS Cox

Alison Mason as Kathryn

Stuart Turner as Brian

Film Festival Awards

1. Best Horror - Tagore Monthly Film Festival

2. Best Horror - Flicks Monthly Film Festival

3. Best Horror - Golden Harvest

4. Best Horror - Golden Sparrow International Film Festival

5. Best Feature Film - Stockholm City Film Festival

6. Best Feature Film - Trojan Film Festival

7. Best Feature (budget £1000 - £5000) - Horrors4You

8. Special Jury Award - Golden Sparrow International Film Festival

9. Honourable Mention - Post Modern Horror Feature - Adbhooture Film Festival

10. Best Actress (Jessica Horne) - Trojan Film Festival

11. Best Supporting Actress (Alison Mason) Trojan Film Festival

12. Best Supporting Actor (Rod Glenn) Trojan Film Festival

13. Honourable Mention -Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival

14. Best Emerging Filmmakers (Peter Kane & Jimmy Hagri) – International Motion Picture

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