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Dir. Marc Meyers

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

80s set cult thriller WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS is one of the most fun horror movies in recent years. In an age where Christian bible belt beliefs of the marriage of rock n roll concerts and satanism run amok, three female protagonists must survive the night with three metalheads with a cult killer in their midst.

The film is refreshing take on both satanistic cults and the teen slasher in a way that will wake up audiences in what could have been a sleeper. With a cast of young horror veterans, Alexandra Daddario, Maddie Hasson and Amy Forsyth are a tour de force of talent as they fight to survive the night in the most unexpected battle of wits.

It may not be the best adaptation of the 80s (we get it, shouting about Cliff Burton for 10 minutes does not make it appropriate) but luckily that's never a distraction from the unfolding madness between the central cast. WE SUMMON THE DARKNESS is never dull and throws a few curve balls to keep things exciting and while some hit and others become predictable, there is just so much to adore with this slice of late night horror snacking that it's easy to forgive the films flaws.

With the addition of a cameo role from Johnny Knoxville, it's not one to be missed and sets the tone just right. There's blood, violence, cults and comedy in a film that manages to entertain and bring something new to the genre, more refreshingly giving us a trio of women who take the spotlight and own it throughout!

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