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What if the teen slasher grew up? The question answered by ALL YOUR FRIENDS ARE DEAD (NEWS)


In most horror movies the teenagers are played by actors in their 30’s, so why not make a slasher film where the characters are actually supposed to be in their 30’s???

As one of the characters in the upcoming indie horror film ALL YOUR FRIENDS ARE DEAD, laments, “In movies starring middle aged people, if they die, they die from heart attacks, some rare blood disease, cancer or diabetes. Not knives, machetes, or chainsaws. Nothing sexy like that.” Well, this movie is about to change all of that!

When 35-year-old Matt Wilbee looks at the current state of his life, he recognizes through depression, that his best years may be far behind him. After making the drastic decision to end his life, he writes an email alerting the estranged, but once inseparable, high school friend group dubbed, “The Pack,” that he will be saying goodbye for good at the very camping ground they all had last seen one another. Rushing to his side, Matt’s old friends arrive just in time at the campsite to save his life…but little do they know, a deranged masked killer is lurking in the woods, ready to pick them off one-by-one, and it’s their own lives they’ll have to start worrying about.

Northern Kentucky natives, Ricky Glore (DryBar Comedy, IFC) and Nicholas Hiance have already filmed a large portion of the movie at the end of July 2021 and need the help and support of independent horror fans, to allow them to be able to complete the rest of the movie.

ALL YOUR FRIENDS ARE DEAD’s SPFX/Makeup Team has worked on beloved genre films like HAUNT(2019), CANDY CORN (2019), NOTZILLA (2019), TERROR TRIPS (2022), as well as Netflix’s HILLBILLY ELERGY (2020) and Northern Kentucky’s famed haunt THE USS NIGHTMARE.

If you are a fan of independent horror and are excited to be part of a community that will bring this film to life, you can go to the Kickstarter campaign that goes live Monday, August 30th and runs through the end of September, with a goal of $5,000.

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