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Dir. Duncan Birmingham

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Duncan Birmingham's home invasion thriller is more party than hangover as a house warming party introduces new homeowners Adam (Ryan Hansen) and Margo (Melissa Tang) to their neighbours but as they refuse to leave, it becomes an uncomfortable battle of wits to get them to leave.

From the outset there's a dark edge to the party starters Tom (Timothy Granaderos) and Sasha (Perry Mattfeld) and it's quickly obvious there's an alternative motive otherwise why would we tune in. The mystery is uncovering why and the chemistry between the four leads is both hypnotic and taut.

The tension drives through to the film's conclusion and Birmingham does a fantastic job of interweaving nuggets of information that build up to a finale that is earned. Yet unlike other home invasion movies, this one is peppered with are-they-aren't-they bad as the conversation meanders through humour, sex and ultimately death, the real star here is Birmingham's razor sharp script.

To be honest, welcome or not, Tom and Sasha are entertaining house guests and their charisma helps unlock chemistry between a cold relationship, tired but not completely beyond saviour despite hidden dreams, barriers and ambition not shared between the two.

As chaotic as it is enjoyable, WHO INVITED THEM is a masterclass of film with minimal cast, setting and effects laced together to tell a more grandeur story and one that wraps you into the party and never lets you leave.

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