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Dir. Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

The Spierig brothers have had an impressive start. The superb sci-fi thriller PREDESTINATION was a groundbreaking follow up to future vampire flick, DAYBREAKERS and their attempt to reignite the SAW franchise with JIGSAW was not the worst entry in the series. Here they take on the most haunted house in America for a scarefest that stars non other than Hollywood royalty, Helen Mirren.

Despite it's stellar cast (including Jason Clarke and Sarah Snook), I've spent scarier nights and slept less at a Travel Lodge. The scare seem absent in favour for long drawing scenes of nothingness surrounded by darkness. There's plenty to take from the actual house of Winchester that would make this a suitable companion to the likes of THE HAUNTIN and HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL however the Spierig brothers miss the mark.

Avoid for the sake of good horror.

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