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previously titled HOUSE SWAP

Dir. Mark Ezra

Reviewer. Martyn Wakefield

Americans Matt (Nathan Nolan) and Ginny (Evie Brodie) exchange in a temporary house swap in Glastonbury. All is well as matt settles down on a script he is writing and Ginny rests at her keyboard until they realise the house they have inhabited is not as lonely as they first thought.

A film that holds promise from its concept yet ultimately fails at either justifying the cheap found footage genre or provide a glimmer of hope that the end will have a much needed pay off.

The problem with the film is that for a home invasion thriller, it holds no tension. Both Nolan and Brodie, while evidently give their best, are worth investing in emotionally. The real crime here is a script that has been poorly written and badly executed. There are 90 minutes of a dull home movie wrapped around by the premise that something terrible is going to happen, and it does, the film continues to bore through all 90 minutes of its running time.

The premise of a stalker hidden in a house is in itself a terrifying subject in the right hands, this could have worked itself in the same level of creepiness as YOU ARE NOT ALONE or the violence of YOU'RE NEXT or even add its own twist to the sub genre but instead comes across as a lazy excuse in film making. At times YOU ARE NOT ALONE becomes a farce in itself as the duffel jacket stalker pops out from behind walls and becomes a joke in itself bringing tears of laughter over fear.

Much like the Michael Jackson song of the same name, YOU ARE NOT ALONE is a dull drone that just begs to be switched off for one of the genres better entrants. It captures the flaws that make the found footage genre has become so dislikeable, with poor script, excuse for low budget 'realism' and predictable set pieces. In light of this it makes some of the weaker lost footage films seem like nightmares in cliched scares over this unfortunate waste of film.

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